Thursday, 30 May 2013

Snapshot - May 2013

This is the view from Alan Irwin's family camp looking out onto Malletts Bay and the Rutland Ry. causeway. South Hero and Grand Isle are to ones right and Burlington to the left.
The view from here

Don Janes and I attended the 2010 CVRHS convention in St. Albans, Vermont. We stayed with Alan Irwin at his family camp (in Canada we call them cottages) on Malletts Bay not far from the convention site. The camp has been in the family for years beginning with his father Ed vacationing here. I quickly realized that it was located across the bay from the Rutland Railway link to the islands. It is a stone filled causeway joining Burlington, Vt. with the islands and Alburgh. Alan as a younger boy along with his father Ed would have seen some interesting trains in steam and diesel off in the distance during their summer stays. With all that was going on at the convention I  forgot to find out more details about what Alan's dad might have seen or photographed. Ed Irwin also took railfan photos...George Dutka

I took this telephoto shot of the old Rutland Ry. causeway seen beond the same Tanzer 22 ft. sailboat found in the photo above.

This early morning view of the Irwin's family camp with the many lawn chairs that in the past hosted a great view of a slower pace on the lake and possibly an occasional view of a Rutland Ry. train off in the distance.

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