Sunday 5 May 2013

Modeling a St. J & LC 70 Tonner

The hood has been painted as seen in this colour photo.

Bachmann GE 70 Ton Model

I mentioned my St J. 70 ton engines in a post back on July 15, 2012. I actually finished these two models back last fall, but for some reason it took me till now to take photos of the finished model running on the White River Division.

My two engines are modeled in the Salzburg orange and cream used in the 1960's. The St. J&LC repainted its engines in 1960 once Salzburg had full control of the Railroad. The Bachmann models best represent the St J&LC  No.'s 51, 53 and 54 which have dual headlights as on the models.

My two Bachmann 70 tonners came painted in the Salzburg scheme but not lettered. They also have DCC on board.  The roof is painted black to better follow the prototype. I used Floquil grimy black. I also painted the underframe at the same time. Kadee #58 true scale couplers are added, a three chime horn and Cal-Scale markers MA-375. The clear marker jewels are Juneco B-6. The engines had drop steps at each end which I fashioned out of styrene. and are painted black.

The engine is apart and ready for details to be added such as the Kadee's, horn and drop steps.
Engine is seen ready for lettering.
 I used CDS dry transfers #HO196 for this project. Once all the lettering was done I fashioned the top portions of the end handrails from wire and glued them in place.   The engine got a coating of Floquil flat finish and very little chalk weathering...George Dutka

Engine 54 is done other than adding the tops to the end railings. The lead off photo shows these well.  Engine 53 is ready for the same treatment to begin. I decided to do my engines one at a time...with another project in between. I hate repetitive projects plus I wanted to take some before and after photos.


  1. George,

    Very nice. I saw these in Swanton, in Jeffersonville, on my way to Morrisville, and in Morrisville where they ran above the Lamoille River on the their way to Hardwick. My GE StJ&LC 70 tonners will be in the pre-Salzburg black and orange that was the first scheme used when steam was on its way out, they arrived in 1948, steam was gone by 1949.

  2. I love that era and want to model the duplicate engines of the Arkansas & Ozarks. You have done an excellent job of capturing the Salzburg scheme. Well done!

  3. Good evening George.

    Could you tell me if the CDS decals are still available?
    By the way, very impressive work you did on it!

    1. Hi Marc, I purchase my dry transfers decades ago. I know there are still some SJ&LC sets out there as I see them from time to time at train shows. I am not sure if they still make dry transfers today, but they did not all that long ago...I guess a google search might help one out. Will let you know if I see some...George

  4. Thank you very much George.

    Ozark Miniatures do carry the line of CDS Dry Transfers, but they are not in stock for a while.