Friday 17 May 2013

St. J&LC on the White River Division

The St J&LC consist is seen crossing the causeway on the White River Division. The train will shortly arrive at White River Jct. Don't remember if I ever saw a St. J consist in WRJ, but as I am the  White River Division superintendent I call the shots. When the engines arrived in St. Albans from the St J one day I decided to assign them for a turn down to WRJ. I had that happen while working on the railroad during my time with the CNR...we sometimes stole other roads my neck of the woods that was NS units on layover in St. Thomas.  I also remember my father in law taking a CNR 1200 switcher from the yard in Brantford for use on a VIA train when it broke down so they could make it to Toronto. In those days you did what you had to. Just get the job done and the engines back in time for their assignments.

A scheduled run down to the Junction in 1960
As it turned out I took way too many photos of my new 70 tonner's for use in one post so lets take a second look at these little guys as they head down the White River Division in an early 1960 freight...George

A St J train departs staging under the A frame overhead bridge.

A pair of St. J&LC engines arrive at the yard limit board in Bellows Crossing which is a long way from their home lines.


  1. Very cool, George. I picked up a pair of these 70 tonners in the almost correct, painted but unlettered Bachmann orange & cream. I applied decals and now have 2 locomotives like yours (without some of your nice detailing) to run when I feel like it on the Lamoille Valley portion of my 1980 layout. I'll have to break them out and post a photo leradgin a train through Fisher Bridge...

    Mike McNamara
    Delran, NJ

  2. Nice to see the St.J&LC rolling through the countryside.

  3. Love the StJ - and love even more seeing such a great model version!

  4. Excellent modeling George. While i live in Australia i model 1960's-1980's New England rr's. Thinking about building up an old Bachmann HO 70 ton with Highball Graphics decals because i don't think the factory painted model is available anymore.. Thanks

    1. Thanks, you never know a model may come up online as many modelers purchased the engines and I am guessing many have yet to be completed. Good luck building your model. I did do an article about this model a few years back for RMC which might help you too...George

  5. Excellent modeling George. Love the old paint scheme on these GE 70 tonners.