Sunday, 6 April 2014

B&M Section House Model - Westboro

My finished Westboro section house on the White River Division.
Using my photos and measurements I drew up a set of drawing to work from while building my B&M section house. The walls are all wood from my stock (leftovers) plus windows and door I have in my structure parts box. This building was a free-bee to construct. Once the main walls are all glued together and 1X8" trim is added I gave the walls a coat of Hunterline weathering mix, inside and out. This was followed by a wash of Floquil grime and some dry brushed reefer white. On the prototype it appears there has been limited paint applied for many years on the walls...and what appeared as paint was a gray. I went for the almost no paint left approach to the whole structure. For the windows I airbrushed mine Floquil grime. One could do these as green, or maybe just green trim.

The roof was made from leftover Campbell's roof stock painted grimy black. I covered the roofing with MinuteMan Scale Models black tar paper. I added a few patches to the roof. A chimney from my parts box was painted and weathered. Before weathering I added a few signs.  Bragdon powders was added to the roof and walls to finish things off...George Dutka

The walls of the main building are together with some bracing added. The side shed still needs to be attached. The window and door can be seen at the rear.
A view of the front of the structure.
The door still needs to be added. I had a few B&M signs on hand that I applied. The chimney still needs to be added.
Some boards are pulled up on the rear wall. The roof and walls are now weathered.
I added two patches to the add on roofing. The weathering has yet to be added to the roofing.

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