Friday 25 April 2014

VTR - PS-1 40' Boxcar

This side of my PS-1 boxcar got the heaviest weathering as the 1980's decal job was not the best. I think the car looks really good now.
I still have a few more contemporary freight cars that could use some weathering. One a PS-1 boxcar that I assembled, painted and decaled back in the 1980's has a few issues with the decal. The decal I used was very thick and one can see some of the edges. Also I was not that good at decaling back then. This car probably was completed in about the first 20 cars I had built. The last time Peter and I used his PanPastels I decided to give it a good weathering...George Dutka

This is how the car looked before weathering. I had done some airbrush weathering back when I built the car but if you look closely you can see the outlines of the decal sheeting.
This side of the car got a lighter coating of weathering.

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