Sunday 13 April 2014

Into the next room

The White River Division is coming into a new area. My On30" diorama is stored for now in this area.
This weekend has flew by with little time for any posts...yesterday I can blame my wife and today it was Peter Mumby's turn. I was his helper today at the Woodstock train show. I did have a good time there and Peter and I both picked up some really nice plaster casting...will leave that for another post.

Since I showed you the track curving around and entering the wall this week...I thought I should show you the other side. I took a few photos of that room...the Bellows Falls yard end of my point to point operation....George Dutka

This is the area my new yard and the end of the White River Division will be. Currently my On30" diorama is stored here along with a work area on wheels. The diorama is 6 ft. one can get a feel for the area. The diorama will be stored on a shelf under the layout and my extra work area will roll out from underneath.

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