Friday 11 March 2016

Creative Laser Design - Milt's in N scale

Milt's is now a Cheese House which went together well for an N scale kit.
What's in the box No. 20 gave one a first look at Milt's Woodwork CLD kit. Since then I finished off Gary's kit which he originally assembled the main structure and painted. I added the corner trim, windows, doors, roofing, concrete base and platforms. All went together well other than the trim did not cover the corner notches of the walls. I added 1x2" trim to all corner trim and under the roof angles to clean this up a bit. Grimy black is applied on the roof followed by some powders which also was applied to the walls and concrete base. The wood platform was given a coat of Hunterline stain followed by a coat of Floquil grime...George Dutka

The trim was coloured with AV paint. The chimney included in the kit is just a block of wood. I used some leftover Monster Models laser cut corner brick from my Bellows Falls paper co. kit. It works good for N scale.

I added some signs at the doors and some interior details which was actually just leftover scraps from the kit. A bumper post was added to help save the concrete wall from getting hit by trucks backing up to the door.

The crates are bits of wood painted Model Masters wood colour. I added some boards and N scale newspaper's. A thin box of craft cheese papers lean against the crates. The boards against the walls are leftover 1x2" trim pieces.

Gary lettered the painted walls before he gave me the kit to finish. The base was painted Floquil concrete then weathered with Bragdon powders.

I added the Milt's Woodworking sign included with the kit to the under body to reflect the heritage of the kit.


  1. Great finishing job George....I doubt I could have done that well with the little trim pieces. It will be a very welcome addition to Salford on my layout.

  2. Glad you like it Gary...George