Thursday 24 March 2016

Snapshot - March 2016

CN 1423 is off duty at the moment. I took this view while starting my shift on a local switcher on March 2, 2009 the year I retired. You can see the corner of the engine I was using.
I took this shot off the engine during my last year working, 7 years ago this month. I had just got on the engine to begin a shift on one of our local switchers. The engine is on the backway lead looking west towards London Salvage. One can see the loading magnet and two gondolas spotted. I think we normally used to spot three at a time. Note that one fence is made of old boxcar doors (next to gondolas). Peter covered the other salvage dealer in town some time ago (Zubicks). The other engine a GMD-1 was stationed in our area for awhile which I did get a chance to run on occasion. One sits up quite high with a great view from it...George Dutka

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  1. Great shot! The London Reclamation Yard can't be far away!