Thursday 17 March 2016

Bellows Falls Freight House

Mounted on Gatorfoam and ready to be dropped into the Bellows Falls scene on the WRD. An end view was seen in last weeks Wordless Wednesday.
I finally got the Bellows Falls freight house mounted on a sheet of Gatorfoam. Don Janes built this structure and used it for many years on his Green Mountain Route. In his rebuild it became excess leading to me acquiring it for my BF scene. It is very well built and weathered. All I did was add a ton of details to the platform, inside the open doors and around the perimeter...George Dutka

I added a lot of details along with a BEST Models casting black cat. The mail sack on the dolly is also by BEST.

More details. Note the nice weathering job Don did to the siding. I added a few signs to the walls.

The far end wall is just full of weeds along the base.

1 comment:

  1. Very well detailed and great looking freight station. I wish I would stay near you and may be have some meet time with you and Don.

    By the way, I know your nephew who lives in Montreal.