Sunday 13 March 2016

Heavily Weathered - Covered Hoppers

A group of well weathered equipment on display at this years Copetown Show.
At the Copetown Show there was some nicely weathered equipment on display for all to see. I did not get the gentleman's name but he sure did a nice job weathering his engines and rolling stock fleet. I did question him about how he did these hoppers. He mentioned using acrylic dollar store paint goop'd up in layers. Very effective...George Dutka

These cars are really heavily weathered, but have been done effectively.

This view shows the paint that has been goop'd up over and around the hatches.


  1. The hoppers were done by Bob Fallowfield, and he was the guy behind the table most of the day.
    The locomotives though were the collection of Matt Herman who was working the Bowser/Loksound table right beside.

  2. Thanks Chris for filling us in with the names...George