Sunday 27 November 2016

Bar Mills - A New Shack for Bellows Falls

All finished and ready to be installed in my mill scene. Some glaze is added around patch areas on the roof. The blocks and skid is from Bar Mills but the rest of the junk is from my detail pile.
Bar Mills has a shack pack kit that has three neat little sheds. I decided to build the smallest one to add to my mill scene. I had the whole shack built, painted and installed in just over two hours...a great little project...George Dutka

The shack is set next to the tracks and near the mill area.
The basic construction went quickly using canopy cement, a glue that sets up almost instantly. All the wall details are on the sheet to the left.

The areas seen under the torn siding paper was painted Floquil Grime. I also added this to the roof. Some Bragdon soot was rubbed into these areas also with my finger before the paper was added. The laser cut wood battens are applied as-is. They look like real weathered wood already. There are lots of block included.

The siding paper is coloured using Bragdon green grunge before application. The white on the windows is PanPastels powders applied with a micro brush. The roofing is Floquil grimy black with Bragdon shoot brushed on.

I think the siding paper is pretty realistic.

An overall view of my Bar Mills shack set near the loading docks at the Bellows Falls mill area. The fencing is also a Bar Mills product.


  1. George,
    You certainly do have an eye for detailed modelling and the skill to produce exceptional results. Well done! Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, congratulations getting back into model railroading and starting a layout...NCE is a good choice also...the same system I use...George

    2. George- great to know you have the NCE system- I will be in good company. Started on Layout Planning - long way to go though very much looking forward to building the Layout and the challenge factor. Regards. KEV.