Friday 25 November 2016

A Brick Work Shop

My new brick work shop set on a piece of Gatorfoam.
At the last train show I picked up a few structures for future use. They are to some degree built. I plan on taking them apart if possible and rebuilding. Two of the buildings are the same. I plan to rebuild them both and the one I like the best will be kept...I think I may have a spot for one in Bellows Falls shortly...George Dutka

The one on the left show how the shop once looked, with that one actually being the better of the two.

This side wall was a mess of glue, chips and cracks. I decided to cover the entire wall using a Coke sign which was a handout by Gatorfoam at this years Expo. The ladder is a FOS Kits give away from a few years ago. I added some trash to the roof for added interest.

Most of the coal and fuel signs on this model came from my Fisher Fuels kit (RailroadKITS).
The posters on the wall are from the last modeler. I just gave the walls a wash of dollar store craft white paint to fill in some of the mortar lines and hit the walls with Bragdon powders, dark rust. The roof got a small vent before being  painted grimy black with powders added. The concrete front walkway has cracks and lines etched into the Gatorfoam then painted Floquil concrete. I added some Bragdon dust over the surface with my fingers.
Newspapers, barrels, crates and boards line the outside of the building. BEST propane tank is used and Juneco fire hydrant is set next to the shop.

Windows and doors are coloured with green powder before being applied back to the walls. Unfortunately I could not remove the glazing without damaging the doors or they are as is. I added some ground foam, weeds and long static grass to finish it off.


  1. Great looking diorama. Do you have any dioramas for sale or commission models? I am interested.

    1. Hi Craig:
      That diorama I sold a few years back as I built two. I do sell structures from time to time but don't think I have any at the moment...will have to check. Were are you located as I do take some to area train show to sell once the show begin again. If you send me your e-mail address we can talk more...George

    2. Hi George,

      I live in Southern California. My email address is I look forward to speaking with you about your modeling and some buildings. Thank you.

    3. Hi George,

      How are you?

      Here is my email address:

  2. Hi George,

    I live in Southern California. My email address is I look forward to talking to you about your modeling.