Thursday 17 November 2016

Section House added to WRD

Another section house is in service on the WRD.
I finally installed the Creative Laser Design section house I posted about last December. I began by building a flat Gatorfoam base for it to sit on. I decided against a drop-in module for here as I wanted to try something different. I glued the details to the kit and just set it in place...I kind of like this idea just as well as drop-in's....George Dutka

All the details are glued with canopy cement to the structure.

I added enough detail to hide the ground joints.

The Gatorfoam base is in place with some plaster cloth to tie things in. The base colour paint is being applied.
The finished scene in place. If I want to change section houses all I need to do is lift if off with details included.

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