Tuesday 31 January 2017

Snapshot - January 2017

Great Pizza was had here while railfanning the area. We considered using the trolley in our photo foreground but went trackside instead. I think one can really get a great shot of this area from across the road which would take in the whole scene.
Last spring Peter Mumby and I stopped in at Lowell, Mass. We planned to catch the commuter train at the station. As it turned out there was nowhere to pull over or park the car other than the parking garage...a really busy place. We passed on this location and headed over to a junction point not that far away. At this location we came across this neat looking trolley diner that actually has great pizza. We sat inside and enjoyed a slice while waiting for the train.

When back outside I thought this structure could work well as a foreground feature in a photo but we passed on it this time as we wanted a closeup view track side which is to the right of the diner. A short roadway takes one up track side to a location that I think was a rip track area at one time, but now used as an unload facility. One has many options at this location including the trolley pizzaria...George Dutka


  1. What an AWESOME little diner! I'd love to learn more about it - and plan to try and get up there myself sometime this summer!

    1. Hi Chris yes that area is neat to see...lots of stops close by...be sure to try the pizza...George