Friday 24 November 2017

CV Caboose Shed

The Walthers caboose underframe is used as junk under the shed.
 Here is what I did with my box of caboose parts after my CV caboose kit-bash. I had used the Walthers body and True Line under frame for my conversion which left me with a CN True Line body (which is painted wrong for the CV) and some Walthers parts. I also have a lot of Juneco CN caboose leftovers from another CV caboose conversion. The caboose parts box is now empty and gone...actually this model is also gone at the last train show. It is good to re-coupe some of the cost of building my prototype correct CV cabooses...George Dutka.

The Juneco underframe is assembled and used under the True Line trains shell. A Juneco smoke stack is also seen here.

Some scrap styrene is added to the windows as shades. The roofwalk is made from scrap lumber. Some old brakewheels are leaning at the one end.  Some acrylic paint is used as additional weathering and streaking.

Signs are added to the side and laid around the body.

Leaning against the caboose shed is one of the Juneco cupola sides. I still have another CV TLT caboose that I will be stealing the underframe from. I think I might keep the next caboose shed as something the CV got off the CN and re-purposed...might be nice for my summer later era theme. This photo was taken after a few changes. I thought the shades over the window look too weathered, so some black is added. I also lowered the caboose by one tie height putting the steps on the ground and lowering the profile.

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