Sunday 19 November 2017

Toning Down Tree Colours

My newest project is finishing, my N scale module that ties in with Peter's. The trees looked off so some toning needed to be done.
This past week I spend most of my modeling time finishing off a N scale module that Peter and I have been building for two years now. We did not touch our modules at all last year but a push is on to have them done for Peter's club meeting in January....good to have focus. Peter gave me some trees he purchased recently that are a Woodland Scenic offering. They are fall coloured foam trees that seem the right size for N scale but bright in colour. I used three on my module. To me they look just to bright so I dug into my various tree making material looking for something that might be used for toning things down. I used dollar store hair spray followed by some Noch olive colors foliage...George Dutka

The finished tree with the material used. More views of the module and other trees shortly.

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