Tuesday 28 November 2017

Ice Service at White RIver Jct.

I recently picked up a back issue of the BMRHS Bulletin which documents the consist and operations of Conductor Bobby Howe during 1953. He detailed the arrival of the Ambassador from Boston at WRJ pretty well. At WRJ it was a quick pace getting the coachs switched and power changed out for the train to leave on time northbound on the Central Vermont Ry.

One fact that I really found interesting was that the B&M maintained a refrigerator car in ice service on a stub track next to the station. This car supported the service of icing passenger cars that needed more ice for their air conditioning system...guess I should be taking a closer look at photos of passenger service in WRJ...George Dutka


  1. Pete's Custom Decals makes a set for a B&M ice storage reefer. I did an Accurail car for this scheme.http://www.petescustomdecals.com/_507-Ice-storage-reefer-for.gif I've heard different versions on this, one that there were several of these out of active service and used exclusively for storage at North Station. The Pete's data seems to suggest at least one had a road number and might even have gone to WRJ.

  2. Hi John:
    Thanks for the additional information...will look up the decal set...George