Friday 17 November 2017

The Galt Sub - Bob Fallowfield

One of the runs Bob ran for us during our visit to the CP Galt sub. Bob is a tech guy who really knows his stuff. His signal system works the same as the real thing. The train order signal is lighted and actually operates.
On Tuesday Don Janes and I traveled to St. Catherines to visit Bob Fallowfield's and his CP layout. The Galt Sub is set in the fall of 1980 on a prototypical detailed layout. Bob mentions his layout is actually not finished yet but you would never know it. The scenery and structures are very realistic looking, the room has a finished appearance with spot lighting well placed. Bob mentioned this layout is his first attempt, but once again you would never know it by looking around the room. This appears to be the work of a seasoned modeler. What I really liked was the weathered rolling stock and engines which look very realistic. The layout looks as good if not better in person than in the many prototypical photos Bob posts on his Facebook below...George Dutka

Bob Fallowfield’s Galt Sub

Bob and Don during our visit. Note all the spot lighting which are really helpful when railfanning the trains.

A scene from Woodstock, Ontario.
One of the many rural scenes. The derail in the foreground actually operates.

Another view of Woodstock.
My small pocket camera could get down low to the scene similar to what Bob does with his phone.

There are a lot of rural scenes on this layout that make for good photo ops.

Although this scene looks finished Bob mentioned the poles have yet to be strung.

A last look at Woodstock.

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