Sunday 12 September 2021


I saw this photo on RMC's Facebook page this week which answers some questions I had about what is happening with the NEB&W.

Some time ago I viewed the photo below of the NEB&W coming down a few years back. I have not heard anything after that other than they have a building to construct the layout. I was about ready to go with this post when I saw RMC post on Facebook about what was up with the group. It appears they have a puzzle to assemble. I don't think it can go together as it once was but who knows, a better concept might transpire...George Dutka 

I was sad to view this shot of the NEB&W coming down on their Facebook page. What will the future bring.

These three views are from my last visit to the NEB&W on Nov. 4, 2018 during the Albany Expo. I believe the layout came down early the following year.


  1. George, Check out the NEB&W Facebook page.
    They have started to test arrange some of the sections of the layout in order. The plan is to not only widen all the aisle widths for handicap access, but also add some new sections here and there to expand some areas (like S. Troy) on the layout as well