Saturday 18 September 2021

Prototype Corner - Washout!

This washout was photographed by John Blakely on July 26, 2021 at mile 13.8 of Canadian Pacific's Nephton Subdivision.
By Peter Mumby
Photos by John Blakely.

Do you have an unused or abandoned piece of trackage on your layout?  Would you like to consider an easy modelling project that would immediately inform observers as to the cause of this abandonment?  Perhaps a small washout would do the trick!  Disrupt the roadbed as illustrated, model some pooled water on either side of the embankment, and you are almost there.  The reason for said pooling is likely a beaver dam, so a judiciously applied pile of sticks could represent this feature.  The ultimate detail, however, would be a model of the dam's resident.  Check out Bernard Helen's selection of 3D-printed animals in the "Miniprints" line and you will see that he offers beavers (unpainted) in HO, S, and O scales.  You would probably be the first kid on your block to have one of those!  Oh, and now you probably understand why the Algoma Central Railway used to have a gentleman on the payroll who's sole job was to dynamite beaver dams.  Maybe you could model this person too! 

The vigilant crew of the day's northbound train were able to spot this washout in advance and avoid disaster.

The pooled water on either side of the embankment is readily apparent in this photo.


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