Tuesday 21 September 2021

WOD-NMRA Tailgate Meet

The Saturday Waterloo Central Railway tourist train arrives at the shop area shortly after noon. One could tell an Alco was coming from around the bend even before I could see it. There was a good amount of black smoke. A real show for those waiting at the shop.

On Saturday our area NMRA group had its first in-person get-together in almost two years. I called it a tailgate meet as we all displayed our models and things for sale from our trunks or engine hoods. There was twelve vehicles to visit and we all had our lawn chairs. The location was St Jacobs a popular tourist area that also includes the Waterloo Central Railway which operates on Saturday and the Aberfoyle O scale layout. Our WOD Superintendent selected a really nice park with lots of shade that was just out of the way of the crowds in town...we basically had the park to ourselves.

Once we finished our day at the park which included raffle prizes we headed over to the O scale club to have a private tour of the layout as the layout closes at 3pm. We got to see a lot of areas behind the scenes that most would not see.

I did stop at the Waterloo Central Railway as the tourist train was due prior to our meet. They are great allowing visitors to wander through the yard viewing the equipment. I was told the train would stop by the shop building as it was noon and the crew wants their lunch which the shop staff delivered. I remember the day's when train orders would be hooped up...now days its lunch...George Dutka 

The group sets up for the WOD-NMRA tailgate event.

A good group of water tanks...two are scratch-built.

A view from the train operators window out to the layout. The operators use a large selection of cameras to see the trains they are operating.

The Waterloo Central Railway's shop track.

On my way home I stopped by the CN Stratford, Ontario yard. The GEXR had two engines laying over with no Goderich train this day. CN freight was being handled by a vintage group of four engines.

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  1. Very nice! I had the pleasure of viewing the Aberfoyle layout last month - a beauty.