Friday 30 March 2012

Bachmann S-4

A new out-of-the-box S-4 by Bachmann is test running on the White River Division before heading to the paint shop.

New S-4 offering by Bachmann
including DCC and Sound at a great price

On my March 2012 road trip I stopped at five hobby shops in a week away. On my way home one hobby shop, Paris Jct. Hobbies, in Paris, Ontario, had an interesting new offering by Bachmann. It seems Bachmann has recently released a S-4 including DCC and sound. The DCC sound decoder used is by SoundTraxx and sounds really great. Paris Jct. had one on their switching layout to try out. I did find the engine at the hobby shop ran a little jerky, the DCC settings may have to be adjusted or the track might have been a little dirty. The engine I purchased ran well at home right out of the box. The price ($139.00) seems great also for a good looking DCC sound engine. If one has the time to check around one may be able to find a S-4 cheaper. I did not want to miss out since I had not seen this engine on my travels and Paris Jct. only had the two.

Although this unit looks great the way it is lettered, my plans are to strip and repaint my model as Central Vermont #8027. I also wonder if  my Atlas S-4 shell would fit over the drive...this could quickly get my custom shells rolling on the White River Division....happy Alco hunting...George

A sharp looking unit with a great sound.

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  1. Excellent George. My layout is a bit of 1970's CV/BM/Vermont Railway & not DCC. I bought an Bachmann CB&Q S4 (but can't bring myself to repaint it) from Train World NY a few years ago. Runs so much better than other Bachmann locos.