Saturday, 3 March 2012

Vermont Barns - Part Two

This huge barn is found along Route 4 in Vermont. In 2010 this property is used as a bed and breakfast inn.

Two Vermont Barns

The two barns viewed in this post I passed on road trips through Vermont. Each barn caused a U-turn and stop to get a few photos plus take in the scene. My thoughts where each could make a great looking model on a New England layout.

The big red barn Don Janes and I passed in 2010 en route from White River Junction to Rutland along Route 4. It is set in the rear of what is now a bed and breakfast inn and is very well kept. It is a huge 5 floor structure. Some of the barn features I really liked include the cupola with weather vane, the twelve panel windows and slate roofing. The barn is in great condition and should last for years. This kind of structure could be a centrepiece for a rural layout area.

We are looking at the south and west walls of the barn.

Found just off Route 14 at the outskirts of West Hartford, Vermont this weather beaten barn is the inspiration we modellers are looking for.

The weather beaten barn I came across during the fall of 2011 is at the junction of Stetson Rd. and Tigertown Rd. just off route 14 in West Hartford, Vermont. The Central Vermont main line is at the junction of these roads and in view of the barn.

The barn was once painted white but has seem most of the paint weathered off. The roof is steel with a lot or rust showing. Two cupola are seen with one having a weather vane.  There also are lighting rods along the roof line. The few venting openings are painted green. The barn is in good shape. Considering the weathering, roof line angles and two cupola this barn would make an interesting model.

In this photo you can still find some areas with white paint. This is the north and west sides of the structure.

The fork in the road and the CV main line is to my right as I took this photo. The barn is actually on a dead end road called Stetson Road.

Stay tuned for Part 3, as I do have more photos of  interesting Vermont barns to share with you...George Dutka

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