Monday 12 March 2012

Walthers Central Vermont Caboose Model

The caboose on the right is by Walthers with the True Line Trains frame and end walks. The weights have to be removed. The nice Walthers interior is seen in the foreground. On the left is the True Line Trains CNR caboose painted up for the CV which is not accurate. The roof is from the Walthers model and will be used to finish the model.

Modeling a CV Caboose
Guess What!
Walthers CV model and True Line Trains CNR caboose parts do work.

Peter Mumby and I have split a two pack of Central Vermont Maple Leaf cabooses. We took the cabooses apart anticipating rebuilding the steps with CNR Juneco parts or possibly Sylvan Scale Models brass etchings. We also would cut apart and rework the frame so they will actually operate. I found a great deal on a True Line Train CNR style caboose which is painted up CV. The True Line Trains coloring is correct, but the body style is not correct for the CV. I decided to see if the frame, trucks, ends and steps would work. To my surprise once I had the models apart they actually do fit together very nicely. So guys if you have a Walthers model lettered CV it can be an easy fix. I will post a full article once we are done with our models.

The roof from the True Line Trains model is a little wider but could work with some messing around. I am using the Walters roof, but am switching the rooftop stacks as the True Line stack is much nicer detailed. Also the cupola needs to be changed to reflect the prototype. My still in the box F&C CV kit has two cupola's included, so I am all set with cupolas. I also have a second CV True Line Trains caboose to use with my F&C CV caboose kit. This will really cut down on my under body work. Peter also has a CV cupola on hand. 

So stay tuned this project is well underway...George

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  1. George,

    You'll find the F&C cupola is a perfect fit for the opening in the roof of the Walthers car - at least that was my experience when I added F&C cupolas to four Walthers cabooses!