Sunday 18 March 2012

Building a Portal

The finished portals in HO and O scale. Peter used Driftwood weathering stain for his O scale model while I used one of the new Hunterline colours, Cordovan Brown on my HO model.

Building a Hunterline Wooden Portal
NMRA - Western Ontario Division Meet
 "Make & Take Modelling Clinic"

The WOD hosted in Ingersoll, Ont. a hands on clinic conducted by Rick and Maureen Hunter. They supplied a Hunterline wooden tunnel portal and two weathering stains to each attendant in their favourite scale. Peter Mumby and I decided to attend and learn what is involved in portal construction. I picked a HO model while Peter went with the O scale version. Rick took us through the steps of weathering and distressing the wood pieces. We then spent the morning cutting all the timbers needed to build the bracing and frame areas using the included full scale plans. There were portals being built in all scales, N, HO, S and O. One gentleman I was talking to was building a S scale portal for his On30" layout which appears to work well in that scale.

Starting from the left Rick Hunter, John Kanakos, Maureen Hunter and David Galloway discuss stain choices.

My HO scale portal in the early stages.

Peter Mumby uses his stain bottles as weights while the glue dries.

While we worked away Rick gave us a quick history of Hunterline and other products they carry. He explained how his famous stains have come to be and the best way to use them. Rick noted that Maureen is the tint master, inventing all the various weathering stain tints. She also was working on the same kit as us at the head table. This gave us a chance to look over and see what we should be doing. Rick's instructions are very good and by lunch the frame was stained and assembled. As the clinic was held in a seniors hall the seniors supplied us with a beautiful lunch not to mention the Tim Horton's donuts, cookies, tea and coffee that the WOD supplied when we first arrived in the morning.

The main structure is together and awaiting bracing on my portal model.

After lunch we got back at it cutting and staining the planking that was glued to the bracing. Some of the guys did work a lot harder than Peter and I. Some had packed up and left by 2pm with a finished model. We seemed to spend more time socialising with some of the guys we have not seen in a while. We did get the structure together by 2:30 pm. We still had the NBW casting to add and some final weathering to do when we got home. Peter and I did get together the following Monday and finished our kits. My portal will be made into a bookend style display using Gatorfoam for the base. I plan to display one of my cabooses or engines at the entrance.

I was quite surprised that one could finish a portal kit including staining and weathering in a 4 hour time frame and that includes coffee breaks and lunch...a project you might wish to try. I want to thank the WOD and in particular John Kanakos for organising the days events and also to Rick and Maureen Hunter for giving us this great hands on clinic...George Dutka

Peter Mumby and I are seen at the start of the day opening our kits. John Kanakos photo.

An overall shot viewing most of the gang that attended the hands on clinic.

The great lunch spread.

Peters O scale model at the end of the clinic.

My portal at home with the NBW casting added and painted Floquil rust. I added  additional weathering stain and chalk weathering above the portal entrance.

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