Thursday 29 March 2012

Rouses Point after Dark

The last time I visited Rouses Point, NY the platform was under construction. They have done a nice job, now if the station can get the same treatment, Sunday March 18, 2012 about 9pm.

A Stop in Rouses Point 

I just recently returned from a road trip to New England. I actually started by driving to the Toronto area for a train show and to visit an area hobby show then off to a couple of boat stores to pick up supplies to begin working on my sailboat next week...well I decided before I left that morning to just keep going to New England. The weather was also to be the best ever for March. I had actually planned on leaving later this week but with that great weather last week, I changed my plans. This also was my first time getting bit in New England by Mosquito's in March.

 By the time I was picking up my boat supplies I was three hours into an eight hour drive for my first day. My last stop before calling it a night was at the ex-D&H Rouses Point, NY station. Since it was well after dark I pulled out my tripod and my pocket Canon digital camera. The photos shown here are taken with a $120 camera. I did have my Canon Rebel along but it still had a telephoto lens on, and I was way to tired to spend the time to change it out. I think my little camera did a great job.

I talked to the customs officer as he was giving me the eye anyway. It appears he just scanned two CPR southbound trains just before I arrived. They would have been nice to see pass by, but at that time of day a moving train photo is out of the question...George

The customs officer had just did an inspection on a southbound CPR freight.

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