Thursday 29 December 2016

CNR 44 Tonner's

This engine has a green tone to it and a yellow-gold coloured end grill not seen on other engines. Most photo I have seen the engines were black. No data on the back of this print. The fuel cap can be seen cut through the side of the triangular piece next to the cab. The headlight is a twin beam and also has MU plugs near headlight.

Two photo views of 44 tonner's in my collection and a couple from Peter's...always liked the looks of these little engines. When Bachmann first came out with the 44 tonner I detailed one as a CN unit which is now in the Peter Mumby collection...more on that model shortly...George Dutka

Interesting looking early era front end. Not sure how long this front style lasted on the foot boards.
This engine has awnings and side window deflectors. Marker lights and MU connectors near the headlight. Note the rerailer location. Peter Mumby collection

Peter Mumby collection.


  1. CN 7751 was the first diesel-electric locomotive to operate on Prince Edward Island. She was renumbered to 7550 and then to #1 in June 1956. It's interesting to see the differences between 7751 and 1 in your photos... same loco. It's now at the Port Stanley Railroad and numbered "3".

    Sister 7752 / 7551 / 1501 / 2 also served on PEI and is now on display in Nova Scotia at the Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum.

    1. Hi Steve...thanks for the input...will have to look at the PSR engine closer next time I am down there...George