Sunday, 30 September 2012

CNR wooden caboose - Doors Open London

Drew Jolliffe's mint CNR wooden caboose on display at his home in London, Ont.
 CNR wooden caboose 
No. 78491
 on display at Doors Open London
Today I took in a portion of Doors Open London Ontario - a look at historical points found around the city. One stop on the tour was Drew Jolliffe's mint shape wood sheathed caboose. Drew also has a great display of other railway artifacts placed around his property worth taking a good look at. The main feature though is a CNR caboose re-built in 1943 from a box car that was built in 1913. In 1983, it was retired from service. At this time, it was purchased from the railway and restoration began by Drew. The interior had plywood walls which needed to be removed and the old interior had to be stripped of may layers of paint. New cupola chairs were also fabricated using an old one as a pattern. At one time this caboose was used on the Ft. Erie Auxiliary. The inside is now totally restored with most everything used in a caboose set in place. There also are numerous additional artifacts found inside for viewing....George Dutka

Much of the artifacts are what one would find in a caboose.

A few years back a pole barn was constructed to help keep the weather off  Drew's caboose.

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