Wednesday 5 September 2012

Harvest Time - Pumpkin Patch

Central Vermont RS-3 passes behind a local pumpkin patch on the White River Division just outside of White River Junction, Vermont. The pumpkins are now ready for picking in this early fall scene.
Harvest Time
Creating a fall agricultural scenic effect
The Pumpkin Patch

One fall scene I really wanted to add to the White River Division since I model early fall was a Pumpkin Patch. I have crossed many such scenes along New England ROW's during my visits. I did take some photos so I had some idea how I might incorporate one on my layout.

My pumpkin patch scene took longer to plan than construct due to the fact I could not find a ready supply of HO scale pumpkins. I began by building the barn and adjoining sloped field which remained crop less till I could locate or scratch build pumpkins.

The pumpkins are by Master Creations #20702 and sold by BTS. Each package has six pumpkins made of white cast metal in two sizes. They also have O scale pumpkins if that is your scale.

The pumpkin patch is set on a bit of a hilly rise which is actually how they are best grown.

I purchased 15 packages of pumpkins. Around 100 pumpkins are used to fill my 7 by 8 inch field. Before planting, the pumpkins are spray painted Floquil reefer orange and the stems are dabbed with dark green on some and rail brown on others.  I just randomly place the pumpkins around the field. The vines are made from the very fine ends found on golden rod weeds harvested during the winter months when totally dried. The vines I just scattered around the scene and attach with diluted white glue.

Take a close look at Don Janes patch below, he also added some ground foam and green weeds between his pumpkins. He did not use as many pumpkins as I did but he did get the same effect. The green weeds Don added brings additional realism to the scene...I just might add that to my patch. I did add some ground foam on mine but the colour is closer to the vine colours. A white wooden fence distinguishes the end of the pumpkin field near the face board of my layout.

This particular scene grabs the most attention by visitors and a load of questions. More than I ever anticipated...I am really glad I found my pumpkins and added the scene to the White River Division...George Dutka

Inspired by my pumpkin patch, Don Janes ordered a few packages of pumpkins for himself. He has since built his own patch just outside of White River Junction on his Green Mountain Division. Don Janes photo.


  1. Looks great guys!
    George, I think Busch sells pumpkins - I got a package of them from Scenic Express.