Monday, 24 September 2012

A yard full of barn parts

A yard full of barn parts can be found just north of Windsor, Vt. along the old Central Vermont Ry. In the background just beyond the tracks is an interesting looking barn that would make a great model. We will take a closer look at it later on.

Leftovers Again?
- an idea for those extra barn parts -

This fall on my way home from Glory Days I followed the old Central Vermont Ry tracks south from White River Jct. Just before I arrived in Windsor, Vermont I saw a barn salvage yard across the road from the tracks. It was kind of a neat scene. I took some time to look around and snap a few photos. One can also view a barn scene across the road that would make a great if only a train came along I could also have a great photo.

A couple of the cupolas found around the yard can be seen here.

This parts yard scene could make an interesting addition to a layout and a great way to use up all those extra little details. What you do not see in the photos and can also be added are the old barn doors leaning against the side of the barn, windows that have been saved and piles of slate shingles. It was kind of neat to get up close and inspect the roof details that I have admired for years from down below...George Dutka

A variety of details can be found there.

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