Thursday 20 September 2012

Waterbury, Vermont Inspirations

My White River Packaging has many of the frontal features found in a structure across the tracks from the the Waterbury Vt. station. Features such as three level with centre doors, wooden clapboard white siding. The tall and narrow dimensions reflect the feel of the Waterbury structure .
 Similarities and Inspirations
Waterbury, Vermont

While looking at Marty McGuirk's Central Vermont Railway blog I noticed in the header similarities of the old feed warehouse found across from the Waterbury, Vt. station to my White River Packaging. At least in the front elevation. I have always loved the scene at Waterbury including the trio of station, freight. house and feed warehouse. The Railway Design Associates kit I built features three levels, centre doors or windows on each level and wooden white siding similar to the structure in Waterbury. The tall, long and narrow look reflects what you find in many New England buildings. I guess that is why I was excited to purchased the RDA kit to begin with...George Dutka.

Note the similarities of the structure to the left of the CV train to my White River Packaging.

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