Monday 10 September 2012

Historic Deerfield Village

New England Heritage Structures
Historic Deerfield Village

March 20, 2012

Back in March 2012 I spent a night in South Deerfield with the intentions of driving up to Millers Falls and East Deerfield the next morning. As I started out in the morning I realised I was only a few minutes away from Historic Old Deerfield Village. I decided to drive through and take a quick look around even though it was the off season. Well I was really impressed by the types and sizes of the buildings found. All the buildings have been saved and refurbished beginning in the early 1950s. Over 11 of these homes since then have become part of a working museum. There are plenty more in the town too with a lot of modelling inspiration to be found...check out their web site below...or visit...George Dutka

A lot of modelling inspiration can be found in these homes.

There are many smaller structures that have been saved and moved to Old Deerfield

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