Saturday, 8 June 2013

CNR OCS boxcars in 2008

On this OCS boxcar two doors are added in the same opening. Mac Yard 2008.

A prototype look at CNR OCS equipment in 2008
Most of us modeller's when thinking of work equipment used by the Canadian railways think of the neat old 40 foot boxcars and other vintage equipment that were seen for many years in sidings across the county. These days here in Southwestern Ontario not much of this CN equipment exists and most work is done with modern hi-rail equipment that can be moved to work locations along the trackside roads that access the main line. Also the work crews usually stay in motels nearby if local crews are not used, eliminating the need of crew cars.

What is left now are some updated 50 foot boxcars that have been converted to OCS use as seen in these three photographs that I took in Toronto’s Mac Yard in 2008. They are simple conversions that can be done by replacing the sliding door with roll doors, a ladder for access and a commercial steel door. If you look closely you will note that one opening were the sliding door was removed, a smaller roll door was added along with a standard door both in the same opening. The other two cars had additional openings cut out which would have been extra work for the shop to complete.  
After building a fleet of regular service CNR boxcars these work cars may make a more enjoyable alternate project with easy to find detail parts. A nice group of these contemporary hard working cars could easily fill an unused siding on your layout.

All three prototype photos are taken at Mac Yard April 19, 2008. I took these photos from my engineman's window of train CN #435 departing the yard west to London, Ont....happy modeling...George Dutka

A new roll door has been added where the sliding door once was. A smaller home style door was cut into the side of the car. Note the ladder next to the door. This could make a nice modelling project.
The third conversion was the middle car in the group.

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