Sunday, 23 June 2013

Snapshot - June 2013

CPR ethanol train awaiting a new crew at Lobo Siding, Ont.

Last month while travelling to and from my sailboat I cross the CPR mainline west of London, Ont. It is a meet location called Lobo Siding. On two occasions I came across a train waiting a re-crew. This gave me a good chance to stop and get a few photos. My favourite photo is the one above that I took with my little Olympus Tough camera. I took the photo from low down. I was able to use the viewing screen on the rear to angle the view.

This train is the westbound CPR ethanol train that many of you may have photographed operating in New England over the VTR. The train needs an idler car while operating in Canada and I believe it stays on for the whole trip...George Dutka

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