Tuesday, 11 June 2013

White River Division - Update

The layout room as it looked yesterday. It was a rainy day here so I stayed home and started to put things in  place. My display case is seen to the right which had to be moved carefully back next to the new  furnace. I did leave everything in it and it appears to be OK. My file cabinet needs to be moved. The step ladder is in position to stuff back the insulation  at the vent hole locations.

I'm ready to move ahead
The White River Division has been kind of a mess lately. We finally got the water problems solved in the basement. It took me a lot of digging and patching outside to fix the main leak. The other leak appeared to be the window seals I hope. It has been raining yesterday for at least 12 hours and everything is still dry. At the same time as I fixed the leaks we had the furnace and air conditioner replaced. The air unit was sitting right over the spot I had to dig out for the leak. Being almost 30 years old it would not move well. So everything is new near the layout and I hope I do not have any issues for many years. All the venting also needed to be replaced which runs right over the WRJ area of the layout. Some holes through the outside walls needed to be cut also. As you can imagine a lot had to be moved and taken off the layout so that it would not be damaged. Once the fall comes I will be looking forward to move ahead with reconstructing the layout. The two photos tells the story...George Dutka

Much of the foreground and structures that would be in the way are seen removed. White River Junction will take on a new appearance once the fall arrives.

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