Friday, 28 June 2013

Traveling Art Show

Last week in the Goderich paper "Signal Star" a full page feature covering tags or art put on rolling stock was included. Since they have summer time art festivals in the area they thought they would include the pier and salt mine spur located very near the main beach as destinations to view art. Below is how the article reads...George Dutka

"It is the best travelling art exhibit in Goderich, even if it bends a few rules. Graffiti artists' tags adorn many rail cars that make their way to the Sifto Salt Mine and South Pier's grain elevators, providing some colourful distraction in a long line of dull and rusting cars. The tags range from crude messages, to single-colour slogans to full colour proclamations of the artist's presence - saying, I was here in graphic style. Each day brings new exhibitors to town, and viewing is free for everyone."

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