Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wells River, Vt. - Section House

The Wells River section house still stands in 2012. It appears a newer steel roof has been applied at some point..
During the fall of 2012 I spent some time taking a look around Wells River, Vermont. I was surprised to see the old section house just north of the Wye and on the east side of the tracks still standing. It is kind of hidden in the brush and seems in fair condition. I did take a few measurements so one can build a model. Width 15'3", Length 18'5", Height eaves 11'4", Height peak 18'8".  The peak height is estimated by counting the boards at 3.5" each.  Check out my detailed group of photos below...George Dutka

Trackside view.
The north end has weathered better than the front of the structure.
The ground slopes back from front to rear. The front portion of the structure rests on the ground. The back half is supported on wooden blocks as seen above.
The south side of the section house.
I took this photo through an opening at the mid-point of the building which views how the structure  looks on it supports. As you can see most of it is off the ground.
As you can see the interior is a mess. I am looking from the front door to the rear wall.

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