Friday 17 January 2014

Adams, Mass.

The mill could make a great model. The tracks are all gone now days and converted to a walking/bike trail south of town.
A look around Adams, Mass.

Don and I spent a rainy day in Adams taking a few photos of what we saw in town. This was during our Thursday visit to Dick and Frank's layouts who live in town. One can find many more building than what you see here, but with all the rain another trip is due for sure. Hope you can find some inspiration here...George Dutka

The top portion of the mill were one could get feeds and coal. Love the weathering job.
This stone structure looks like it inspired a few model railroad kits.
The rear wall show the structure is not in that great of shape. Note the up and down sensor bars that record any changes in its condition. It really surprised me that all the top windows on this side and those on the front are all new...not a good investment to a structure that might come tumbling down. The front stone wall has a good bow outward also.
This is one of the back corners of the structure. Not sure if I would want to be standing inside at this end of the building. Did I mention there are new windows above. This wall could make some neat modeling though.
I took this shot from Don's car window at the local Dunkin donuts parking lot. Adams has a lot of company row homes as seen here.
Here we see a sub shop which has been around since 1958. It is located across the road from the ROW. I wonder how many train crews have stopped here for a sub over the years. It could make a nice model also. As one can see it was pouring out.
The freight house is found in the bushes next to the feed mill.

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