Saturday 11 January 2014

Broadway Limited - Crossing Tower

A busy day at Bellows Crossing with a B&M freight arriving in town. Hope that tower signalman gets down to the crossing in a hurry as the train is almost there.
 New Tower added to White River Division
I added a crossing tower to my Bellows Crossing scene recently. I purchased a brass Broadway Limited tower while away this fall. I covered Don's tower in a post of Oct 25, 2013. The Broadway towers have not been available for some time, but I did find one at a hobby shop while away. Mine is unpainted and corroded in a few spots. One being the screws that hold the tower structure to the legs. There are two screws below that I could not even see that I had to drill out to get it apart for painting. I had to ask Don how he took his apart before I realized there actually are screws.

Crossing tower just out of the box.
I primed my parts and tower then painted it Floquil Tuscan red. The roof got a coat of grimy black. The stack and lights are painted old silver. There is a stove inside that got a coat of black paint. A Woodland figure was added for interior interest. I added some clear plastic to the windows and doors. The whole structure got a good coating of Bragdon weathering. This is a simple project which took no time at all to complete. Once in place I added a garbage can, coal bin and shovel for the tower crew. Hate to see them get cold during the winter. Since I have yet to add crossing gates, I placed a stop sign for the tower tender to use...I think he will be having a long talk with me shortly if I don't get some gates installed...George Dutka

The tower is all painted and about to be assembled. I did add a figure to the interior.
The crossing tower is now in use on the White River Division. Note the crossing sign which is being currently used till the proper gates go in.

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