Sunday 12 January 2014

Bellows Crossing Swap

My Fairlee frt. house is now located at the site of my Bellows Crossing station.
I had rebuilt the Bellows Crossing station as a drop in structure so I can change the scene around when the urge arises. I guess the urge did arise. I trimmed my Fairlee frt. house to fit this location this past week. Gatorfoam is hard to cut when there is a model and details attached, but I did it. I really like the looks of the frt. house at this location and I think it will stay there for awhile....think the town might get a name change too...George Dutka

An overall view, note the new crossing shanty in the background.
The structure in the background will be changed out with my new South River Mill once completed. This town will then be completely reborn.

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