Sunday 22 June 2014

BEST Crossing Shanty

BEST crossing shanty is ready to go on the White River Division.
While away with Don this spring we split a BEST crossing shanty two pack. I have my ball signal at Middlesex Centre that could use a shanty.  I decided to built mine up in the last few days while at home...between looking after our three sets of dual or single grand-kid' wife and I seem to be getting tag teamed baby-sitting lately. I am now off to the lake though for some R n' I will be hard to find. I have no phone, TV or internet there...kind of nice.

The shanty goes together well and quickly. I decided to change my shanty colours to green and gray. The walls are Floquil SP lettering gray and the trim, windows and doors Floquil coach green. The roof is Brunswick Green (a near black). The coal box is Hunterline stain then Floquil grime. The lid is grime also. The window glazing has a coat of dulcote. All got some Bragdon powders...some areas more than others as I dropped my container and made a mess...George Dutka.

The smoke stack is added and weathered up a rusty colour.

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