Friday 27 June 2014

Canopy Glue

Last fall at the Structures Expo I finally picked up some Canopy Glue. I had been wanting to try this product for some time now but could not get my hands on a bottle. I had been looking for this glue for well over a year. It began at the 2012 Expo were the vendors sold out before I could get my hands on any and the hobby shops along the way home...well they also did not have any...I guess there are a lot of others that really like this product.

After a winter using this glue I can say that I found this to be a great product. I find it drys quicker and stronger than regular white glue. It also drys clear and takes paint well. It is also very flexible if stress is put on the joint. Peter Mumby and I used canopy glue exclusively on all our joint winter project and we both love it. Last fall while Don and I visited with Dick Elwell he picked up his new large wooden mill mock-up and started swinging it around. The wall began to flex to a pretty good extreme without coming apart. Something a normal structure could not take. Dick went on to tell us how he loved using canopy glue on projects such as this. That moment sold me on this glue....George Dutka


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  1. thanks for the tip Im going to have to try and get some