Friday 13 June 2014

Fisher Fuels

This is the roadside or oil dealership side of my scene.
If you check out the July 2014 issue of Model Railroader you can find Don Janes great article on his version of Fishers Fuel. We each posted last year how our construction and completed models turned out. Just use the search feature to find them. On my layout I did things a little different. I used the main building as my WRJ CV yard office as seen in a recent post. I then used the tank and shed in my Westboro scene. I toyed with this kit at that location for sometime as the whole kit just did not fit. When the main office was not used the whole scene came together quickly. I did need to add an end wall to the shed as one was not needed when attached to the office. Since the oil dealer is on the peninsula my idea was to use it as two different scenes. Looking at it track side from the B&M engine service area Fisher's appears as the fuel tank and shed at the shop. Once one walks around to the other side of the peninsula you find all the small details that would be found at a oil dealership....George Dutka

This Peter Mumby photo views the track side view of the fuel tank. It kind of blends in with the shop track scene.

One can see how the finished model looked. A wall needed to be added.
The new wall is added.

I placed my models on Gatorfoam which makes the small diorama removable.
Here is how my shed looked before it was installed. My industry is not named.

One can see the siding behind my fuel dealer which houses tank cars of fuel and hoppers of engine sand for use at the shop track. It also is my DCC programming track.

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