Sunday, 13 July 2014

Building molds - Collinsville 2014

One of the clinics I attended at Collinsville was Resin Casting by Ron Poidomani. Ron is new to casting but very motivated to learn, improve and share his knowledge. I am not one to cast...I normally just buy what I need. One interesting product Ron showed us that I think many of us could use on occasion is Micro-Mark silicone mold putty. What you do is take some putty from both tubs mix it together in your hands using gloves, then just press it over the object you want to duplicate. I think Ron used a wheel. It looked so easy to do...I like easy. The mold was set and dry before the clinic was over and a pour could be made. One can make many small parts from one order of this product. It does have a use by date which had already expired on Ron's jars which did not appear to cause any problems. I can see this being great to reproduce a broken detail that is unavailable....George Dutka

A cool two part mold maker that can work well for small part duplications.
Ron showed us a good group of details and vehicles he has made using various casting methods and materials.

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