Friday, 18 July 2014

Westboro Sand House - Tomorrow

One of the sand house workers which is a Juneco Models figure is hard at it. The railing is pained yellow as on the prototype. The cinders and dirt seen near the rear of the structure are prototype ground cover I picked up on site at Westboro, NH.
If all works out and I get the text and photos in order one will finally get a good look at my Westboro sand house tomorrow. This is a neat RailroadKITS product....see you then...George Dutka


  1. Given that I know nothing of the history of the building, I am curious about what the figure shown might be working on. Why would there be a stairway and a landing when there is no door at the top?

    1. Good point...this sand house was used during the steam era to service the engines. When diesels came into use the bins were used only for sand storage and a new style tower that could be used on two tracks was added. I am assuming this platform was used to assist with the spout locating which is over the workers head and not seen in this photo...for loading sand into the steam engines hatch...will be posting some prototype photos of this structure next week...George

  2. Thank you for the explanation. I will be looking forward to seeing the photos, as I do all of your postings.

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