Tuesday 22 July 2014

Phone Box

One of details I added some years ago was a reduced size version of a Rutland phone box...or at least my version of one. It is located in my original layout room...will cover that layout at some point. The phone box still remains today but my old rotary dial phone has since been removed. Today I store my CD's in there which are also becoming a thing of the past. My old CN Gimili jacket rests on the chair below along with my old work grip which still has all my work gear in...I set it there when I retired and never got back to it...the current timetable I guess is now 5 years old...guess I should clean it out at some point...hope I don't have any lunch left in there....anyhow I like see it there when I pass by knowing I don't have to head out the door with it in the middle of the night...and the crew dispatcher can't get a hold of me since I removed the phone from the box...life is great...George Dutka

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