Saturday, 19 July 2014

Westboro sand house - RailroadKITS Model

RailroadKITS Westboro sand house is ready for installation on the WRD.
 I began this model back last summer...finishing it during the fall of 2013. I originally displayed it in my "Whats in the box No. 2" last July. You may have had a peek at it in various photos I have posted, I guess it is about time I tell you how it went together.

I did substitute some material to built a more sturdier model. The roofing scribed wood was changed out with styrene. I also made a Gatorfoam and part balsa floor which added more support for the walls. I added nail holes and lifted a few board were they would be seen. I did use a lot a bracing for extra support as seen in the photos. I stained the inside and out with Hunterline weather mix stain. I pre-stained the outside bracing then using my chopper to cut all my pieces to size. The roof was painted Floquil Brunswick Green (black) prior to applying Minuteman Scale Models black tar paper roofing. The kit comes with paper roofing.

The basic walls are glued and kept square. The tower is also assembled with extra bracing placed inside.
One can see the extra bracing added inside the main structure. I had some leftover balsa which I used near the floor. Styrene was used for the roofing and Gatorfoam became the side bin flooring.
I used my chopper to cut all the shed bracing.
The bolts are painted Floquil rust then glued on. The windows and doors are painted Floquil grime then darkened with Bragdon powders. All the structure walls that are not braced got a coat of Floquil grime over the Hunterline stain, then powdered lightly with Bragdon powders. I used blackened brass chain I had on hand for hanging the piping which is 42 links per inch. The front railing is painted yellow as on the prototype. The smoke stacks are done rusty looking. All the castings are primed first then Bragdon powder weathered. My hatches are styrene with wood trim. The window glazing got a coat of flat finish before adding to the structure.
The ground cover used on the drop in base are those I picked up in Westboro including the cinders....George Dutka

The walls got a coating of Hunterline weathering mix followed by a wash of Floquil grime. I then dirtied it up with Bragdon powders.
The model is finished and ready to be applied to a new Gatorfoam base.
The chimney is test fit once the roof was cut to allow a good fit. I painted the chimney Floquil Tuscan red followed by some white chalk and Bragdon powders.

The wall bracing took some time to add. The model is now on the drop in base. The kit came with some nice looking sand which was applied were one would find it around the structure. The other ground cover is cinders and dirt found on site of the prototype Westboro sand house.

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