Friday 11 July 2014

F&C Kits at Collinsville, Ct.

At Collinsville I picked up two of the newer F&C kits. One is a New Haven 40' one piece gondola with drop doors. The second was a Reading once piece steel automobile double door car.

My view of rolling stock kits since I retired 5 years ago is that I do not buy any more kits till the last group I purchased are built....that's not counting the trunk load I purchased over the last 20 years that probably will never get built. This past winter I finished the last of the F&C kits I purchased in Springfield back in it is time to pick up a few more. While at Collinsville, F&C had a buy one get one free special which was a good way to pick-up two of  F&C's newer offerings....the photos tell the story. Now to get them built before Springfield next January if I plan to buy more kits....I have my eye on the F&C Reading 36' wooden boxcar converted to a cocoa bean hopper and their New Haven 36' rebuilt boxcar....George Dutka

The NH one piece gondola seen with the interior drop door insert. If one looks closely the drop doors are molded into the cars bottom...I thought it was kind of a neat looking kit.
This Reading double door auto boxcars were flying off the F&C table...another newer offering.

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