Friday, 9 October 2015

Modeling a Wooden Overhead Bridge

The gravel roadway climbs up to meet the wooden overhead bridge. The isle-way is inches away on the other side of the bridge so I built that side shorter. The trees I planted help hide the fact that the tracks carry into another room.
To hide the hole to the next room last fall I built a wooden overhead bridge following plans of a B&M prototype. The plans are from the  May-June 1984 Narrow Gauge Gazette. They actually showed two versions found in Massachusetts.  I used all my leftover lumber from the kits I built over the last two winters. Some kits had a lot of leftovers such as the BEST Elwell store (or maybe I forgot to add some somewhere along the way). Due to this the bridge supports varied in thickness from side to side. The bridge was giving a coat of Hunterline weathering mix followed by Bragdon powders....George Dutka

This bridge is built totally of left over and scrap stripwood from other projects. The bridge decking although all looking the same do vary with most being 10" wide.  Once stained and weathered it is not really noticeable.

I did not follow the plans exactly but the flavour of the prototype is clearly seen.

My bridge next to the article photos.

Here we see the bridge begin test fitted. There will be a lot of trees to blend the bridge roadway and wall together. The concrete footings are HO-West SF 4002 sure footings.

An overhead view looking down at the scene.
A Bellows Falls bound train heads under the scenic room divider.

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