Friday, 23 October 2015

Oxford Automobile Company - HO Scale 1965 Mustang

This scene looks a lot better with a 1960's era car in place. Although it could be the 1990's as there are a good amount of these cars restored and roaming the country side on any nice sunny day.
During Peter Mumby's last visit we spent a few moments looking over the layout...Peter had not seen the updated era that I had setup this summer. We talked about what should be added and changed for this era swap. Adding some era correct vehicles Peter thought would be a good start and I agreed. Shortly after he left I remembered purchasing a 1960's auto that could fit into my contemporary scenes at Palmer Hobbies this spring. A neat looking red 1965 Mustang offered by Oxford Automobile Company....George Dutka

Here is my vehicle haul from this spring's trip with Don to New England. The Mustang will fit well into my modern scenes.
The 1965 Mustang is a nice model and a car many of us would love to having one in miniature is great.
Seems like the car needs a driver installed before the next train arrives at Northfield Falls.

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